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the collection

1200 close-ups
50 storyboard panels
800 long-shots
50 specials


- Every storyboard panel holder will be airdropped the same video shot from the film. (These NFTs will be used as access keys to view an exclusive trailer of the film that will never be released to the general public).

- The close-ups and long-shot holders that contain a map or a gas can will receive a live recreated NFT for the same.

- All blue-haired versions of Reva holders will be sent NFTs of crew members working behind the scenes!

- The collectors who hold one from each category will be awarded credits in the film. The credits will then be turned into an NFT and sent to them.


- We will be collecting a 5% Royalty on all secondary market sales made on a marketplace!
- All proceeds from the royalties will be delegated to a community fund. The wallet address of this fund will be shared with the community for transparency.
- 20% Will go to the team and artist.
- 30% Will go to the film contingency budget (If unused will go towards rewards for the community).
- 50% will go to the holders of the Storyboard Panels, Special's, All blue-haired Reva's and Reva with a space blanket!! 

  • A wallet address will be displayed here (as well as on Discord & Twitter) on 23/10/21 at 2PM UTC.

  • Copy the address and send the right amount of ADA to that address.

  • Transaction Fees will automatically be added by your wallet.

  • You can buy a maximum of 3 NFT's in one transaction. Multiple transactions supported.

  • NFT pricing : 

    1 NFT - 48 ADA

    2 NFT's - 96 ADA

    3 NFT's - 144 ADA

  • Once the transaction is verified the NFT will automatically start minting and be sent to your wallet.

  • Premier Club Members will be able to purchase one NFT at 1PM UTC, for 42 ADA.

  • Address for Premier Club Members will be shared on Discord.

  • Refunds will be executed automatically in the following cases (could take upto 24HRS):

    - Wrong amount of ADA sent.

    - Transactions received after collection is sold out.

  • Only use wallets that support Cardano Native Assets. Yorroi, ADAlite, Nami and Daedalus are recommended. 


how to buy


who is reva?

Reva is a 26 year old girl, who has been suffering from a rare condition called Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity, which has made it impossible for her to live in a big city. She thinks her only recourse to a comfortable life is to find a ‘village called ‘Saral'.


So she sets out in search of this mystical village called Saral, that does not exist on any map and neither has anyone ever heard of it except her grandfather who used to tell her stories about this magical place stuck in time. A fully self-sufficient and self-governed village away from modern problems and most importantly electricity.


Follow her on her tumultuous but exciting journey to find her paradise!

Does Saral really exist or was it her grandfather’s way of instilling hope in her?

Is Reva really afflicted with EHS or is she using it as an excuse?

These questions and more will be answered in the film!

Feel free to look for clues and come up with theories using the information provided in the NFT Collection.



Q4 2021

Create Collection

Build a community on Discord Launch Website

Pre-Sale for whitelist members Public Sale Press Release

Q1 2022

Cast Announcement

Begin Pre-Production of Film

Secure Location Permits
Weekly Updates to the Community
Establish Partnerships

Q2 2022

Begin Shoot

Trailer Launch Website

 Series 2 Drop (The Shoot Collection)

Post Production of the Film Airdrop Exclusive NFT's to Series 1 Holders

Q3 2022

Trailer Launch

Press Release for the film

Cast and Crew Press Kit

Secure streaming partnerships Complete Post Production

Q4 2022

Preview for NFT Holders

Film premiere and release Giveaways to the community




left brain

Chai addict, stickler for detail and even her chicken scratches are perfectly center aligned.
Also, the co-writer and director of the film.
right brain

Scared of watching the second half of Marley and Me. Obsessive film lover and a ADA hodler.
Co-writer and director of the film.


When is the launch date?
The launch is scheduled for 23rd October 2021, 2 PM UTC.

Is there a pre-sale or whitelist?
50 users from our discord have been given spots in the whitelist.

When is the pre-sale?
The pre-sale will take place one hour before the public sale. Each user
will be allowed one transaction only.

How many NFT's can I purchase?
You can buy three NFT's per transaction, if you have superhuman speed you can pick up a few more ;)

Which wallet can I use to buy?
Please use only one of the three following wallets:
Don't send ADA from exchanges like Coinbase and Binance as these NFT's will be unrecoverable and lost forever.

When will I receive my NFT?
Right after payment confirmation, our mint process will be executed automatically and the transaction will be submitted to the blockchain.

How many 'Reva's World' NFT's will be minted?
Our first series will be a collection of 2100 unique NFTs.
One NFT of each category (Total of 4) will be kept for the team, and six will be used for giveaways to the community!

How do I view my NFT?
You can go to and paste your wallet address to view your very own piece of history!

Can I buy one NFT for my cat?
In our experience hamsters and camels love this collection, we haven't tried buying one for a cat, you are free to explore!

When will I get my refund?
We hope you send in the right amount of ADA for the purchase, but if the nerves kick in and you end up sending less or more
we got your back, refunds are automatic but could take upto 24 hours.